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Design Bulletin

Wild Ribbon-Multifunctional Urban Design by Noushin Jafari

Noushin Jafari Portrays The Wild Ribbon Multifunctional Urban Design

Noushin Jafari, the creative mind behind the highlighted work Wild Ribbon - Multifunctional Urban design by Noushin Jafari demonstrates, To animate the eastern area (La place de la nation) of Paris,a system of a connected ribbon who self adapts in it <Cropped>

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Invisibobble 'around The World' Design Contest

Imagine You Could Create Your Personal and Innovative Invisibobble Packaging Design With The Hair Ring Color You’ve Always Been Waiting For. We Invite You to Join The Community, Let Your Creativity Run Free, Submit Your Own Packaging Design and Be Part

Imagine you could create your personal and innovative invisibobble packaging design with the hair ring color you’ve always been waiting for. we invite you to join the community, let your creativity run free, submit your own packaging design and be <Cropped>

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Award Winning Classical Raya Catalog

Giftseries Sdn. Bhd. Discloses The Classical Raya Catalog

Giftseries Sdn. Bhd., the project leader of the highlighted project Giftseries Sdn. Bhd.'s Classical Raya Catalog explicates, One thing about Hari Raya – it is that timeless Raya songs of yesteryear still remain close to people’s hearts up u <Cropped>

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Dingbat Typeface by Parson Michael

Parson Michael Portrays The Lale Dingbat Typeface

Parson Michael, the project leader of the displayed project Parson Michael's Lale Dingbat typeface explains, The designer, Michael Parson, has long been curious of the possibilities that Opentype scripts now offer type designers. Thanks to this <Cropped>

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Log Holder by Kilian O'sullivan

Kilian O'sullivan Creates The Woody 1 Log Holder

Kilian O'Sullivan, the lead designer of the displayed project Kilian O'Sullivan's Woody 1 Log Holder demonstrates, The Minimalist clarity and lightness of these log holders is bought to the problem of stacking of firewood in the home . <Cropped>

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Vosled-Led-Filament Light Bulb by Martin Enenkel

Martin Enenkel Designs The Vosled Led-Filament Light Bulb

Martin Enenkel, the maker of the highlighted design LED-filament light bulb by Martin Enenkel says, With the glass bulb, the LED-filament and the transparent ring between the glass bulb and the socket, the vosLED looks like Edison’s classic, does, <Cropped>

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Summer Edition Mints by Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team

Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team Shows The Eclipse Travel Around The World Edition Summer Edition Mints

Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team, the creator of the highlighted design Summer Edition Mints by Interbrand Shanghai Consumer Brand Team points out, Eclipse Summer Edition works to help the brand maintain its momentum as the best-selling brand <Cropped>

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Grigory Malitskiy & Maria Malitskaya's Washbasin "angle" Washbasin

Grigory Malitskiy & Maria Malitskaya Exhibits The Washbasin "angle" Washbasin

Grigory Malitskiy & Maria Malitskaya, the author of the award winning design Grigory Malitskiy & Maria Malitskaya's Washbasin "Angle" Washbasin illustrates, There are a lot of washbasins with excellent design in the world. But <Cropped>

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Hustler Redesign by Joy Lin

Joy Lin Portrays The Hustler Redesign Sex Product Line For Hustler

Joy Lin, the maker of the awarded design Hustler redesign - Sex product line for Hustler by Joy Lin explains, The Hustler redesign celebrates the erotic duality of masculinity and femininity. Products are featured in a two-fold nature, playing with r <Cropped>

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Beer Packaging Design:treboom Brewery Beer Range by United by Design

United by Design Reveals The Treboom Brewery Beer Range Beer Packaging Design

United by Design, the designer of the award winning design Treboom brewery beer range by United by Design explains, The bottle labels are for a micro-brewery who make craft beer. The business needed bottle labels as it was making the transition from <Cropped>

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