Commercial Space Design by Yung-Cheng Wei

Yung-Cheng Wei Shares The Brewing Feast With Art Commercial Space Design

Yung-Cheng Wei, the designer of the awarded design Brewing Feast with Art - Commercial Space Design by Yung-Cheng Wei says, Transformed a plain store-alike ground floor to a gallery which embraced the spirit of “balance and harmony” exemplified in the art and culture of Tea Ceremony. Winner Design evolved Yangtze Art from a trading zone to an assembly which brews the finest and most exclusive Pu’er tea and fuses with the renowned world class Purple clay tea pot crafted by Master Gu, Jingzou. Touch, Smell, Sight and Taste – four senses were actualized through various unique presentations installed at the space given. A curatorial project rebirthed as a connoisseur piece of artwork itself..

Commercial Space Design by Yung-Cheng Wei Images:


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